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Who We Are

Independent Translation Service is a professional organization offering Translation, Interpretation and Editorial Service. It is based in the U.K. and is run by qualified professionals with Oxford University and Glasgow University’s educational backgrounds. We work closely with universities, NHS, local communities, courts, police, and provide both the public and private sector with leading-edge multilanguage skills.

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What We Stand For

We have realized a shortage of professional translation services to incorporate the languages such as Nepali, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu that deal with all kinds of translation both academic and non-academic. Our objective is to fill the gap. We have translators with more than a decade-long experience with a proven track record.”

In House:

Independent Translation

A professional writing service

We offer translation service in the following language combination:

  1. Nepali to English
  2. Hindi to English 
  3. English to Nepali 
  4. Hindi to Nepal

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