Our Services

We provide accurate and professional translation services in Nepali, Hindi and English.

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List of Services

  • Interview Translation
  • Subtitles 
  • Web content writing 
  • Brochure writing 
  • Telephone Interpreting – We offer phone interpreting services for court, police and NHS and other relevant organizations. 
  • Video Interpreting: Video interpreting services for Google meet, Skype, 

The List Continues

  • Technical Translation:  Manual translating, Technical documents
  •  Medical translations  – Medical reports and test results translating, medical documents translations
  •  Voice Over  – Recording, Voice-over, Sub Titling, Sub-Titling, Dubbing, translations
  •  Website translations  – Multilingual web page translation services

And More

  •  Proof Reading  – formalizing, copy editing, transcription
  •  Legal Translations  – for court, police, immigration and inland revenue
  •  International Market Research  – Call centres for foreign language research
  •  Interpreting equipment  – Interpreter booths, conference equipment

  • Conference Interpreters – Simultaneous interpreting for multilingual conferences
  • Research Interviews
  • General Informative Texts
  • Scientific Research Findings. 
  • Literary Texts
  • Media Interviews 
  • Advertisements 
  • Brochure of commercial and non-commercial organizations 
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Public Speeches. 
  • Passports and I.D. card 
  • Certificate Translations