Nabin K Chhetri

poet, WRiter

Nabin K Chhetri is a poet and a writer based in Scotland.  He graduated with a degree of M.St in Creative Writing from Oxford University and a degree of M.Litt in The Novel from the University of Aberdeen. (Specializing in prose and poetry). He is a creative writing tutor and has read his works and has conducted workshops in various institutions including Oxford University and Robert Gordon University. He is officially recognized by the Scottish Book Trust and is available for creative workshops. 

He has been selected for various creative opportunities and has been a writer/poet – in- Residence in France, Spain, Italy and Scotland.  His works have been awarded from Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Nepal, U.K., U.S. and Israel. 



I have translated the works of veteran Nepali poets and writers like Rajab, Parijat and Amar Neupane. I have also completed a module in translation held under the supervision of Jamie McKendrick (Oxford University)

An academic article in translation is listed below: 

Chhetri, Nabin Kumar., 2015. Translating Nepali Poetry. Translation Review 91.1 p16-27. (

Dr. Tanka 


Dr. Tanka Dahal who publishes in his pen name Mukul Dahal, is a widely published poet and translator. He has been involved in writing and translation for over fifteen years. He currently lives in Scotland and spends time in scholarly work, translation and creative writing. In the past, he edited journals such as Pen Himalaya and Nepal Letters. Nepal Letters published works of translation initially written in the Nepali language. He has translated a book of travelogue titled My Travels in East and West by well-known Nepali writer Ghanashyam Rajkarnikar.  Besides these accomplishments, Dr. Dahal has been actively involved in literary, scholarly and all kinds of translation and writing all the time. He holds a PhD in Education (University of Dundee), an MPhil in Creative Writing (University of Glasgow, Scotland) and an M.A. in Creative Writing (Swansea University, Wales).